Invest / Invite / Share

These three words sum up how we encourage each other to share our faith with people. It's a great roadmap for sharing about Christ's hope or inviting people to church.

Sometimes we can make inviting people to church too complicated. We worry about using the right words. Sometimes, when we try too hard, it can come across scripted or artificial. People aren't looking for a speech or insight into how much we know about the Bible. Once we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, a pretty simple next step is sharing what we've experienced.

Invest in someone else's life. There are plenty of people in our lives who we can share with in some way. Time, a listening ear, helping work on a project, or any variety of ways to generously give to others is a powerful way to communicate that they are important. This kind of sincere encouragement is simple and clearly shows care and concern for their lives.

An invitation doesn't have to be complicated, rehearsed, or a "sales job" about your church. Many times, people are more than willing to try a weekend service if someone simply asks. People appreciate a sincere invitation to something that has added value to your life.

How has being a Christ follower changed your own life? People are more interested in the real change they see in us than anything. When Christ changes our life in a positive way, sharing that hope is an easy way to encourage other people in their own lives. Don't be afraid to share what Christ has done for you.